Mon 30 Jan 2012

In this post I will describe some tricky and important moments everyone developer will encounter while developing complicated projects. Also I will give some info about productivity and optimisation. (more...)

Tue 26 Apr 2011

There are several months since I started creating Escape Machines. I am combining best graphics ever used in Flash games with the most advanced algorithms for a good framerate. Combined with modern music, social features and really cool user interface this game is the best game created before now for Flash. It is coming in winter 2012. (more...)

Sat 12 Mar 2011

During game development I faced the necessity of creating particle fields. In Star Fields game I used Papervision but I had to rewrite some Papervision classes to enhance the funcionality and add some visual effects. Now I try to use Away3D which will be the first Flash engine using FP 11 native GPU possibilities. Away 3 Lite is using native 3D Flash classes and thats why I have choose it for this purpose. (more...)

Sun 15 Aug 2010

Starting with Flash Player 10 Adobe introduces the native 3D calculations methods for Action Script 3.0 . This calculations are faster than scripted 3D trigonometric calculations. Papervision 2 uses this native 3D clases and I explored them also. Soon Adobe will release Flash Player which will use hardware 3D acceleration but now the most effective way to use 3D in Flash are this native 3D methods. (more...)

Sun 8 Aug 2010

Any game is better and tastyer if it got sounds. Sounds can be generally of two types - music and actions sounds. Music is usually set to play during the menu using or in game levels. Actions sounds are set to play when some action occurs, like clicks or personage jump or shoot. Also the sounds are used on menu actions. (more...)

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