This post is extremely useful for serious ActionScript 3.0 programmers. Kids has nothing to do with it but any serious application cant give high results and framerate without code optimization. Memory and processor optimization is especially important for those who make games and complicated graphics. Most of the information in this post represents links with description but in time maybe I will add textual information and more links.

Colin Mook talking about garbage collector on Adobe TV

Slide show about memory and CPU management from Grant Skinner

The blog of Grant Skinner - lots of info about stuff

Some tips

Useful tips with examples and many links

Tips from Andre Michelle

ActionScript 3.0 and AVM2: Performance Tuning - pdf

Resource management strategies in Flash Player 9

Understanding garbage collection in Flash Player 9 gBlog: Types in AS3: ints not so fast, uints slow!

Actionscript optimization resources

More performance tuning in Actionscript 3

Bitwise gems - fast integer math

AS3 and AVM Performance Tuning tips from Gary Grossman - pdf

AS3: Rethink your old assumptions

ActionScript 3 Performance Tuning by Matt Chotin - pdf

Fast and accurate sine/cosine approximation

Optimizations for AS3 calculations

Fast Flash9 Fixed Point Sine

AS3 Interesting Numeric Storage Behavior

Flex RIA Performance Considerations Part 1: Getting Started

Boost memory performance on data structures using HashMapCollection API

Flash AS3 optimization - Fastest way to copy an array

Making dispatchEvent More Efficient

ActionScript 3 Vector / Array Performance Comparison

ActionScript 3 Performance Tester

Excellent article about benchmarking

Top Ten ActionScript Performance Tips

Tips on how to write efficient AS3 - part 1

Tips on how to write efficient AS3 - part 2

AS3 Performance Testing Harness

Joa Ebert: Code Optimization



Flex Databinding Performance

Round up of ActionScript 3.0 and Flex optimization techniques and practices and some links

Sean Christmann: Optimizing Adobe AIR for Code Execution, Memory, and Rendering

Dennis Ippel: Some ActionScript 3.0 Optimizations

Shane McCartney: Tips on how to write efficient AS3

Flex Application Performance: Tips and Techniques for Improving Client Application Performance

Stephen Calender: ActionScript 3.0 Benchmarking

Grant Skinner: Types in AS3: ints not so fast, uints slow!

Grant Skinner: Resource management strategies in Flash Player 9

Gary Grossman: ActionScript 3.0 and AVM2 Performance Tuning

Fastest way to copy an array

Andre Michelle: AS3 optimations & suggestions

Package-level function closures in ActionScript

ActionScript 3 optimization techniques

AS3 Performance Tester

There is a new method drawPath() in FP10 and drawings render faster with drawPath() than with a series of individual lineTo() and curveTo() methods

AS3 garbage collection monitor

John Iacoviello – Papervision3D Optimization Tips

Polygonal Labs - bitwise operations

There will be more links in future. Write your links in comments.