There are several months since I started creating Escape Machines. I am combining best graphics ever used in Flash games with the most advanced algorithms for a good framerate. Combined with modern music, social features and really cool user interface this game is the best game created before now for Flash. It is coming in winter 2012.

In this post you will see most major interactive media samples. Also I will describe some of the programming code matters.

Here comes the intro. This interactive animation is the first thing user will see in the game.
This intro is an animation with transition to the waiting caption with a click button. Animation has 2 stages :
a) predefined animation to caption
b) interactive animation with click button
This intro is less than 50 kb weight, it is highly optimized for web.

Next comes the UI and menu, and in my animation you can see just the logo and a part of the UI. The menu is not shown, just the background and interactive animation. Try to move the mouse over the intro, it is real 3D.

In our time very few games has such 3D UI and one of them is Crysis 2, a game by Electronic Arts. My UI is better, it has inertness feature. Electronic Arts is using Scaleform, a 3rd part UI component which is 3D but has no inertness. Move the mouse over the screen and you will see its moving very smooth, following the mouse. EA's UI is moving roughly and its repeating exactly the mouse movement without the inertness. Anyway, EA is creating really cool games. They are one of the best.

The intro and UI and all Escape Machines game is using best graphics used in browser games until now. Similar graphics can be seen in console games but not in browser games. You could ask why no one made this before? Because Flash games has some limitations in framerate, browser games cant be calculated by CPU so fast as console games can, and to perform good graphics there is a need of lots of optimisation and advanced knowledge of more technologies meant to increase speed of calculations. For example, the intro is using Pixel Bender and more coding optimisations. This way, to create a good game, a company must spend more time, and as all companies are looking for fast profit, companies like Zynga are launching simple games and they even keep them in Beta stage online for years. I have different approach, my main goal is quality over time, unlike most of the companies. The only one company which has the same approach I know is Blizzard Entertainment, who launched Star Craft and many others top most sold games.

Of course, Escape Machines has all modern features which made Star Craft a hit, like map editor and large upgrades system. Also, Escape Machines has a non-linear gameplay, elements of RPG, captivating story-line and a plenty of media items. In this game you can pass a stage in many different ways, each of them requiring different skills or items or amount of money. By the way, the game is free but you can get game cash by paying or by earning in game.

Also, Escape Machines has social features like sharing your score with friends, or showing your upgrades and items to friends. Also you can create your own maps and share them with friends. The game is available on Facebook with 500 millions users so you can find your friends easily. See the game page on

After you saw the Facebook page I will show you a sample of in-game music.

Escape Machines will have its own soundtrack for each stage. Please enjoy

EA OST menu theme Beta by AlexGreentown

This is the soundtrack for menu. You can listen all soundtracks on release in Summer 2011.

Next you will see some CGI. At the moment it is in Alpha stage, this means that on release it will become much better.

CGI Escape Machines

Next some sketches for the game personages. You will see some of them in game, performed and in 3D graphics.
Here you see them as drawings but we already have them in 3D format, and renders and even walking models in Flash. Now they are raw but in summer 2011 you will see them walking and shooting.

CGI Escape Machines

This is just a small part of all the personages, armors, tools, weapons and upgrades that will be available in the game.

CGI Escape Machines

This is all for now. Thank you for watching. I'm sure you want to see the gameplay and some more action but Escape Machines is in Alpha stage. The release is coming soon and its going to be the hottest Flash game of the year.

Please write down your opinion in a comment below. Your opinion is important to us !