HGI (Human Generated Image) is a new expression invented by me specially for this post. HGI derivates from CGI(Computer Generated Image). I was just thinking how fascinating can be a CGI and how it differs from more traditional art, like drawing?

CGI is a form of art where you can control each pixel of image and each movement by code. Drawing though can be deeply controlled also so both CGI and drawing are HGI. The only difference are the tools we use. Only tools are allowing us to exteriorize our ideas. The tools can be used to create wonderful images, or to kill with cruelty.

In a wide sense even the world we a living in is a HGI. The skies we see are like they are because of the industry influences the atmosphere. The planes are complementing the picture of the sky. This way, all our life is a big HGI. For some people life is a painting of Goya which are dark and pessimistic and only few people can take the tools in their hands and draw a beautiful world.

200H34FL Q from tsaworks_martin Böttger on Vimeo.

Goethe Institut Moskau visuals@Strelka Studios from tsaworks_martin Böttger on Vimeo.

QUBY from tsaworks_martin Böttger on Vimeo.

Pi from Thomas Blanchard on Vimeo.

Goldeneye 007 - Smartphone Animations from VectorMeldrew on Vimeo.

JUSTICE - CIVILIZATION directed by Edouard Salier from edouard salier on Vimeo.

senkyou - mergrim from makoto yabuki on Vimeo.

Play from Justin Demetrician on Vimeo.

Sur le Quai from Savoir Faire on Vimeo.

SoulBot from Andreas Wannerstedt on Vimeo.

I hope you are going to like it :)