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I am an expert in ActionScript 3.0 and I am interested in all nearby areas. I have expert skills in such programs as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, I have studied them at university. I have Bachelore degree in Visual Arts.  I made studies at faculties Interior Design, Paint, Graphic Design. I have read few books about 3DstudioMax and I worked in a 3D modelling and visual effects studio.

I am interested in 3D modelling and interactive application in Papervision or video. I am following main currents of futuristic researches and I am trying to create a bright internet future with ergonomic interactivity and interfaces.

This blog is ment to improve professional skills of Flash designers and artists.

Why artists? As Aral Balkan said in January 8, 2007 in San Francisco, "Programming is a new, exciting art form that is growing daily in audience, relevance, and recognition. And the best way to learn any art form is through apprenticeship—by sharing the invaluable experience of a skilled master."

Most topics of this blog will cover the AS3.0 themes but if I will see in your comments interest in domains like Photoshop, design, 3D, Illustrator or even chess or astronomy I will cover that areas too.  See my portfolio.

I will finish this page with an citation of Aral Balkan:

"Our medium is so broad that it encompasses, among so much else, graphic design, with a static emphasis on form, contrast, repetition, color, and typography; motion graphics design, where framing, editing, and composition come into play as well as the animator’s toolbox of expectation and expressiveness and the art of the storyteller, director, and actor; user interface design and information architecture; and last, but definitely not least, that newest and most unrecognized of art forms: programming.

But is programming an art form? Only so far as photography or film are art forms and painting and puppetry and theater before them.

When photography was first developed, it was heralded as a wonderful technical achievement but nothing more. It was seen as the technical act of capturing reality. Over 150 years later, we can now read the photographic text as a subjective device and a means of artistic expression.

A mere century ago, we saw films as absolute, objective slices of reality—as documents, devoid of artistry. Today, we can appreciate their subjective nature and the many intricacies that separate a master work from a home movie. This was not always so. When Louis and Auguste Lumiere first showed their film of the arrival of an express train at Lyons station, the audience fled from the theater in terror, afraid for their lives at the sight of the oncoming train. Today, we know better. We know how to “read” film. We are film-literate. We cannot yet say the same thing about programming.

Today, we look upon programming as a purely technical pursuit. We talk of a divide between the creative and the technical, and lump programmers in the latter. The programmer is today as the filmmaker was early last century: an artist toiling in relative obscurity, awaiting a code-literate society to appreciate the nuances of her art. Will it take a century for this happen? I don’t think so.

Like it or not, we are the artists of our era, and this crazy and wonderful conglomerate of digital media are our easels, palettes, and brushes. We can create beautiful things, thought-provoking things, things that can make a difference. And we can potentially reach more people in more ways than has ever been possible in the past. "

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    Hey everyone! I’m back from New Jersey, and fully got the website up to date, and I even finished screenshotting all the catalogs I still needed to do! So starting tomorrow, I’ll be working on that. I hope to be done with all the catalogs by the end of July, although I have nearly 300 MB of catalog pictures to upload…..

    Anyway, we updated a ton of pages. They Club Penguin fansite include the following lists/guides: Club Penguin Event Log, Item List, and the Dance/Wave/Sit List

    And the following pages: Servers, Elite Penguin Force, (with a new video) Issue 194, Club Penguin Blog, Desktop Backgrounds, Website Banners, and 101 Days of Fun. Enjoy!

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