I started making a panorama in Papervision and Hugin, it will be presented soon. I would like to see panoramas made by you. After I will finish making panorama I will expose the code and tutorial. All panorama adresses presented in comments will be forwarded upward at this page.

Here are few raw panorama images                                                                              link
Here is the page of an professional panoramist                                                       link
And a panorama of a beatifull italian churche in baroque style                       link

Some nice sea panoramas                                                                                                link

And interesting panoramas of an museum with clickable paintings          link

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  1. Abais says:

    Hi Alex,
    I’m Abais (You read me on the Y3D talks)

    I made a panorama player with Away3D few time ago, you can look this page (sorry it’s in french)
    Demo here =>

    If you are interested, tell me :)

    I have some question about AS3 but i don’t know the best place to ask you (in your blog)… For exemple, how can I eradicate an Object ?
    For the moment, i remove his listener 1 by 1, remove all his child and remove it from his parent (with removeChild() too). Does it’s enough ?

  2. AlexG says:

    Hi Abais

    To remove a variable or an object you must delete all listeners and all references. Delete references by assigning them to null, like this:

    someReference = null

    Only then the Garbage Collector will remove this object from memory.

    Check this page for detailed info

    Also I would recommend to see this page

    And in Flash 10 Player, there is a System.gc()method, some aditional info about GC can be found here

    Have fun and share your experience here!

    And I dont understand French and most people too. English would be perfect. But thanks for your effort.

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