Mon 30 Jan 2012

In this post I will describe some tricky and important moments everyone developer will encounter while developing complicated projects. Also I will give some info about productivity and optimisation. (more...)

Tue 22 Feb 2011

In this post you will learn setting up 3d lines in PaperVision 3D 2, using not standard Lines3D class, which is raw, but using Vertex3D that allow you to build 3D lines with gradients or effects on separated layer. (more...)

Sat 22 Jan 2011

Bitwise operations rely at the core of any programming language and are the fastest operations ever.
You can find more info on them at
In this article I will dig into a practical procedure which is often used by digital artists and simple programmers. (more...)

Fri 26 Feb 2010

This post is extremely useful for serious ActionScript 3.0 programmers. Kids has nothing to do with it but any serious application cant give high results and framerate without code optimization. Memory and processor optimization is especially important for those who make games and complicated graphics. Most of the information in this post represents links with description but in time maybe I will add textual information and more links. (more...)